Using GoTo Meeting for Webinars

Set up a Webinar with GoToMeeting is so easy. It’s great to do a meeting via webinar – you and your attendees can be anywhere as long as they have a computer and internet access.

GoToMeeting is a very powerful service that allows you to set up online meetings and webinars (think of it as an online semnar). Users can connect via the web or telephone. This guide will take you through setting up your first webinar.

You can get a 30-day free trial of the service. Go to to set up your account. Once you have done that log in and navigate to “My Webinars” in the left menu. Choose “Schedule a Webinar”.

Setup: Enter Your Webinar Details

On this screen, you will be asked to enter the details of your webinar. You can also choose the drop down box, to pull up information from a previous webinar.

We have entered the name, description, date and time. We’ve also chosen our time zone and indicate that this webinar does not recur. If you are doing a webinar series, you may want to choose the recurring option.

Audio Options

You can allow attendees to access your webinar via telephone or by using their microphone and speakers (VoIP) or both. We chose both.

With integrated audio, you can also choose to offer local toll-free numbers. Click “Add Countries” to choose your countries. In our example, we have selected all.

Optional Password

If you want your participants to enter a password, you have to think of one and send it to your attendees.

Optional Panelists

If you are having panellists on your webinar, you can specify them here, so they have appropriate access to your webinar.

Branding & Theme

You can upload your logo and select a theme for your webinar room. We have uploaded a logo, chosen a theme and uploaded an image.

You can also choose a color for the waiting room. Either choose a color from the drop down or enter a hex code:

Now you can make a list of your presenters and add their photos. Click “Add another presenter” to add more.

You can also add welcome message to welcome your guests.

Registration Details:

To enter the webinar, users will have to register, but you can control how much information they need to provide. You may want to request minimal information, if your attendees have already opted in or paid for access to your event.
In our example below, we selected “Clear All” and it will require the minimum first name, last name and email address to register.
You can also ask your registrants questions, so you can get to know them. Either they can fill in an answer or you can add multiple choice options.

Once you’ve saved all your settings, you can view your webinar in “My Webinars”. Here you can find the registration link to share with attendees:

Now you’re all set. Just make sure to download and review the GoToWebinar user guide, so you’ll be ready for the big event.