Designing Your Website for Results

Designing a website for your business is a daunting task. Working as a designer and developer of websites these last 12 years has taught us a lot about the process and what works and what doesn’t. Some of the questions we are often asked are: Where should I start? Should you do it yourself (diy), […]

Things Your Web Designer May Ask You

So, you’ve found a web designer and you’re ready to begin your project. If you haven’t already, sit down with these and get your plan together. These are a series of things to consider when planning your website. Every site is different, some questions won’t apply to your situation, and this list changes depending on […]

Things to Ask Your Web Designer

So, you’re shopping for a web designer? Here are some basic questions to help you make your decision. There are still many businesses that are just starting to work on their first website. How long have you been in business? Is this your primary business or is this something you do as a “side-line’? This […]

Images and the Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License is a group of copyright licenses that allow the use of and alteration of documents in other works, including websites and blogs. These licenses can be used in different combination’s, making it possible to different uses for a variety of works. These licenses were released by Creative Commons in 1992 and make […]

Common Web Design FAQ

When you’ve been designing and developing web sites for over 16 years, you discover there are many common questions that come up in the process. Large site or small, simple or complex, many of the questions are the same. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. How much does it cost […]

Ways to Design Your Web Site

There are many ways to go about designing your site. You’ve already planned out what your site will include, now it’s time to organize the pieces and design what they’ll actually look like. Web Site Design Elements Here’s where color schemes, logos, pictures, graphics come into play. Your website should reflect your business or organization.  […]