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Copyrights & Trademarks The client represents to WebSiteDepot that any text, images, photos, graphics, logos or other documents or artwork supplied to WebSiteDepot for inclusion in or in creation of the website are owned by the Client, or that Client has permission to use these items. Client will hold harmless WebSiteDepot and it’s subcontactors from […]

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Getting a Website Doesn’t Have to Be Hard…

It’s never been easier to get your business online.  We’ve worked with small businesses for over 13 years, let us guide you through the process. Your choice from our semi-custom designs. Multiple color/layout choices and combinations Search engine optimized content w/ meta tags When you do your site with us, we provide detailed instructions for […]

Onsite, Page Elements

Meta-tags A meta-tag is an HTML tag that appears in the header of an HTML document. These are hidden from human view but some search engines make use of them when indexing your pages. Common Meta-tags: Keyword <META name="Keywords" content="list, keywords, here"> Description <META name="Description" content="A brief description of your site."> Title Tag The title […]

About Keywords and Your Site

A keyword is a word that when entered into a search form or search box, will return a list of sites containing information about that keyword. Keywords are found in the content or text of your site as well as appearing within the meta-tagsof your site. Content or text is important to your site because […]

SEO Basics

What is a Search Engine? A search engine is a tool that enables you to locate information on the World Wide Web. Search engines use the keywords you enter to find Web sites which contain the information you seek. A search engine typically "spiders" the web, collecting or making note of the types of information found on a […]

Shopping Cart, Online Store Software

If you’ve got more than a handful of products, chances are, you’ll want a shopping cart for your site. A cart or online store program gives you the ability to work with your product offerings, present them to your visitors and manage transactions. Basic Shopping Cart Functions a database to contain your product information the […]

Accepting Credit Cards on Your Site

There are many ways you can go about accepting credit cards for transactions on your site. The most common include: using an internet gateway to process your transactions, such as Authorize.net, Linkpoint, Verisign or Echo. using PayPal or another third party services to process your transactions Merchant’s Accounts and Third Party Processor? Merchant Account With […]

Common Web Design FAQ

When you’ve been designing and developing web sites for over 11 years, you discover there are many common questions that come up in the process. Large site or small, simple or complex, many of the questions are the same. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. How much does it cost […]

Ways to Design Your Web Site

There are many ways to go about designing your site. You’ve already planned out what your site will include, now it’s time to organize the pieces and design what they’ll actually look like. Web Site Design Elements Here’s where color schemes, logos, pictures, graphics come into play. Your website should reflect your business or organization.  […]