Designing Your Website for Results

Designing a website for your business is a daunting task. Working as a designer and developer of websites these last 12 years has taught us a lot about the process and what works and what doesn’t.

Some of the questions we are often asked are:

  • Where should I start? Should you do it yourself (diy), or hire a designer to help you with the process?
  • What do I need to put together a website? (Web Design Checklist)
  • If I hire a designer, what should I ask? (Hiring a Designer Checklist)
  • Should I sell products on my site? How do I sell products on my site? (See E-Commerce)
  • Should I have a newsletter on my site?
  • Can I manage my own site and make updates?
  • What tools are available to help me work with my site?
  • How can I market my site? (See SEO)

We are adding to these pages constantly, so if you don’t see your question answered – ask it!

It’s all about designing a website for your small business.